Our project implementation: from development to commissioning.

Development and planning

  •  Clarification of technical details with clients
  • Confirmation of schedule with client
  • Development of sensor and actuator list
  • Bus topology with MS-Visio
  • Electronic construction and drawing up of circuit diagrams
  • Sketches of switchboard structure using MS-Visio
  • Sketches of facilities and control rooms
  • Planning of cable run
  • Specification and functional specification
    • Introduction
    • Definitions and abbreviations
    • Dangers and risk assessment
    • Plant overview, sketches
    • Bus topology, communication lists
    • Components and technical data
    • Sketches of switchboard structure
    • Equipping SPS and decentralised E/A-stations
    • Visualisation concept
    • Description of functions and procedures
    • Interfaces to foreign plants

    Implementation and realisation

    • Construction of switchboards
    • Construction of SPS-Software or programming accordingly
    • Development of visualisation/HMI applications
    • Coupling tests and internal function tests

    Delivery & commissioning

    • Assembly and wiring
    • Coordination and organisation of construction zones
    • Setting parameters for decentralised equipment, e.g. FUs
    • Commissioning and function testing

    Approval & delivery to clients

    • Plant documentation
    • Production supervision
    • Training and briefing of operating staff
    • Continuous customer service