Our expertise: Differentiated solutions

Energy production and distribution expertise

Energy production and distribution is required to supply systems. This is where the first foundations are laid to ensure the related processes are supplied. isis Ingenieur-gesellschaft accompanies you in the planning, design and implementation phases of your energy distribution as well as with controlling CHPs.


  • Moneypoint power station, United Kingdom

Utilities and waste management expertise

isis Ingenieurgesellschaft has grown by planning and implementing projects in utilities and waste management. The key areas in the 1990s were waste and sewage treatment plants as well as drinking water supplies. The facilities constructed at that time continue to be partially supervised and are subject to continual modernisation.


  • Stadtwerke Münster, water companies
  • Stadtwerke Gronau (municipal utilities)
  • Wasserwerk Heek (waterworks)
  • Ladbergen sewage treatment plant
  • Schwegermoor composting plant
  • Lüneburg waste facility

Steel industry expertise

The steel industry is an industry that belongs to the heavy industry sector and concerns the production of steel and, in some cases, the distribution of the produced steel. Many steel producing companies are now internationally linked. This is a relatively new development that has only started with the steel crisis of the 1980s. Previously, the steel industry was largely a national business, although the groundwork for the internationalisation of the steel industry was laid as early as 1952 with the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community. The German steel industry is currently mainly located in the Ruhr district and in Saarland, but also includes plants in Eisenhüttenstadt, Salzgitter and Sulzbach-Rosenberg. The steel industry started developing into a branch of economic activity around 1850 when technological progress and the application of new technologies developed during the industrial revolution shifted steel production from small-scale in forgeries and hammer mills to steelworks. This was a decisive advance in industrialisation. (Source: Wikipedia)
In such an environment, various tasks arose, which isis took upon itself. We therefore implement projects in the field of control engineering, drive technology, control technology and much more.


  • Georgsmarienhütte GmbH
  • Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe, Hamm
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG, Duisburg

Mechanical engineering expertise

Mechanical engineering contributes to dynamic growth in Germany, which isis serves with integral control and drive technology solutions. From the first contact to engineering to the final installation and commissioning, we are your one-stop-shop for electro-technical tasks.


  • Renk AG, Rheine

Chemical industry expertise

Control engineering, control technology, drive technology and the safe handling of hazardous areas are expertise isis provides in relation to the chemical industry. In no other industry is the safety aspect as important, so, of course, the data exchange with the fire alarm system as well as the audit trail, for instance, must be taken into consideration.


  • Linde AG
  • BASF Coatings, Münster
  • EPPC, Ägypten
  • PDH Alfasel, Saudi Arabien
  • Petronas, Malaysia

Paper industry expertise

Since 1971, the paper mill in Vreden recycles recovered paper to produce paper which is further processed into modern corrugated cardboard. In 2001, isis renewed the entire stock preparation electrical, instrumentation and control technology. In September 2004, the starch preparation equipment and paper machine 3 were modernised. Regardless of the major conversions, the systems regularly undergo adjustments, modernisation and maintenance.

Textile industry expertise

The textile industry is an integral part of societal development. Developments in the 18th century with early industrial unrest and the subsequent social changes are largely responsible for imprinting our culture. Although the textile industry has now increasingly spread to other countries, our customers include specialised companies.


  • Amoco, Gronau
  • Schümer, Schüttorf

Goods transport systems expertise

Logistics in large hospitals and university hospitals is a very demanding discipline. No problems may occur in supplying all areas with food, medicine, clean linen and other goods and properly disposing of waste and dirty laundry, or the sensitive daily routine of a hospital would be brought to a halt. The goods transport system is at the heart of logistics. isis thereby provides you with support in all areas. From planning load and capacity scenarios to implementation, many customers have placed their trust in us since our inception, entrusting us with a variety of tasks.


  • Philips Universitätsklinikum Marburg (university hospital)
  • BLB Müster (construction and real estate)
  • BLB Ulm (construction and real estate)
  • Staatsbetrieb Sächs. Immob.- und Baumanagement NL Leibzig II (real estate and construction management)
  • BLB Aachen (construction and real estate)

Logistics and stock management expertise

Development in recent years has led to producers' stocks increasingly being actually located on the street. However, just in time production requires a sophisticated logistics and stock system to meet the needs of consumer positions. isis Ingenieurgesellschaft has offered solutions in this area for many years, ranging from conveying technology to management control storage and retrieval systems to SAP integration and commissioning.


  • DHL Oschatz, Steinfurt
  • Linde AG
  • Marley GmbH
  • Philips Universitätsklinikum Marburg (university hospital)